Food for dogs and cats Rex

We offer the best quality food for dogs and cats. In Rexpetfood we have the best feed for your pet to have energy and good health. We take care of cat’s and dog’s nutrition working with the best ingredients from the market for a strong and healthy development of the animal.

Nuestros productos

  • Small Breeds

    Feed especially adapted for small dogs. It has a right  proportion of highly digestible proteins that help  maintain the dog in optimal conditions. 3kg

  • Senior light

    Feed designed for adult dogs. It is formulated with the  correct balance between fats and proteins and an additional  contribution of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate to  help maintain old dog’s joints and bones.15Kg

  • Salmon&rice

    Thought for animals with digestive and (or)  dermatological problems by taking advantage of all the  benefits  that a blue fish as the salmon brings.15Kg

  • REINFORCED high energy

    Feed designed for dogs that carry out a high physical  activity. It is formulated with lamb and rice as excellent  sources of highly digestive protein and carbohydrates  that contribute to the development of a very high physical  activity and sport. 15kg


REX is the pet food brand from Agroveco group.Formulated by specialized nutritionists and veterinaries and produced with the last technology innovations. Our pet-food is completely free of transgenic products. We follow some strict quality guidelines in order to offer the best quality, by including high amounts of fresh meat, fish and vegetables (50%) and choosing the most appropriated ingredients.

The evidence is the low amount of ashes in out pet food, which guarantees a perfect digestibility. The manufacturing process follow the highest strict quality controls relying on the FSSC22.000 accreditation issued by “The Foundation for Food Safety Certification”, management system that certifies food security.





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