REX is the pet food brand from AGROVECO group.

Formulated by specialized nutritionists and veterinaries and produced with the last technology innovations. Our pet-food is completely free of transgenic products.  We follow some strict quality guidelines in order to offer the best quality, by including high amounts of fresh meat, fish and vegetables (50%) and choosing the most appropriated ingredients.

The evidence is the low amount of ashes in out pet food, which guarantees a perfect digestibility.  The manufacturing process follow the highest strict quality controls relying on the FSSC22.000 accreditation issued by “The Foundation for Food Safety Certification”, management system that certifies food security.



Polyunsaturated fatty acids, which improve the smell and palatability. They are coming mainly from the cold water fish oils and the chicken fat.


An optimal proportion of soluble and insoluble fibers which guarantee the intestinal transit and a good digestive tract health. With fructo- oligosaccharides of prebiotic effects in order to improve the intestinal flora.


Size and texture especially adapted to avoid tartar and gum problems.



High quality proteins with a balanced content of essential amino acids in order to promote the muscular development. The high presence of L-Carnitine on these proteins, which helps in convert the fat into energy, helps to keep the optimal weight and health.


High levels of DHA or docosahexaenoic acid, essential for neuronal development. Related to the ability and level of intelligence.


The natural antioxidants control the excessive cells oxidation and promote their natural regeneration, strengthening and protecting the immune status while the dog is getting older.


Healthy and strong thanks to L-carnitine improves fat distribution in the body preventing its accumulation around the heart Heart.


Dual energy input: the cereals carbohydrates provide fats energy for the short (but intensive) exercise. From vegetable and animal fats is obtained the slow release energy, perfect for a long-time activity and protection against low temperatures.

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